Super Bat Cave for iOS

Soar through the Crystal Caverns in this challenging flappy flyer!

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Not just another Flappy Clone!

Super Bat Cave is a refined retro game, based on the addictive "Flappy" style gameplay you know and love!

Built from Scratch!

Super Bat Cave has been built from scratch, and lovingly cared for. It is a Universal app featuring multiple play modes, gamecenter support, enhancements, and even some secrets!

Cool Pixel Art!

Custom Pixel art brings out the true nostalgia in this modernized old-school game!

Chiptune Music!

Original 8-bit chiptune tracks by RandyRan! 8-bit sound effects to complete the package! Be sure to check the other modes for some surprises!

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Multiple Play Modes!

Discover your favorite, and challenge your friends with your high score!

Normal Mode

Simple, Addictive, and Fun! The classic Flappy Gameplay you love! This is the best place to start your Super Bat Cave journey.

Extreme Mode

WARNING: Do not play Extreme Mode if you suffer from a condition known as Bezerker Rage. Those prone to Anger may be more likely to become Angry after playing Extreme Mode. Consult your Doctor if these conditions worsen.


Backwards Mode

Flip your brain in the other direction, and fly to the LEFT! Right-brained people are most likely to enjoy this mode. Featuring Reversed Music & Sound FX!

Helium Mode

What if a bat inhaled tons of helium? He would float up! Tap to fly DOWN in this unique mode, with "helium-enhanced" Music and Sound FX!